Pumpkin patch things!


park vibes

throw what you know!!

SLO trip

slow to speak, slow to anger


SDSU/ADX Pride ❤️🖤

big & little loves <3

Capella 🌟


mask on - fit check

Big/Little reveal 😄

Convention fun!

For this I will praise you, O Lord

Mission beach bonfire days 🔥

🧹ball loves

first day of classes kinda nervous

We believe that we will win #🏀Games

Alpha Omega loves!

Cafe dates

Aren't they so aesthetic! 💚

Such beauties!😇

Fun in the sun 🌻

Deltas in Paris 💕

nothing but life long friendships💚

Deltas conquering the world 🌎💖

Torrey Pines & bonding 🌳

finally reunited 😍

sunset hikes are the best 🌅

sorority verse-2 corinthians 3:18❤️

we pray together,we skate together ⛸

Retreat fun 💕

ΑΔΧ pride and sunsets✨

pumpkin queen 👑

find your home slice & GO AΔΧ !! ☀️🍊✨#c

live, love, laugh 💙

S U M M E R = smiles 😋 #adxsdsu

check out our IG @adxsdsu 🥰

greetings from Greece 🇬🇷_eagomes_5 #de

throw what you know🌟 #deltasacrossthegl

happy 4th fam! ❤️🇺🇸

fam goals 🌼🐝 #throwwhatyouknow

the best memories are made with these si

15 days left of the school year!! Keep p

HAPPY SPRING BREAK!! hope you all have a

Versailles & Venus #big&lil 💖

big & little fun ❤️

Marble Surface

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sorority verse-2 corinthians 3:18❤️